Hot Flashes and Hard Truth

While the rest of the world has been falling apart, I’ve been growing personalities.  It’s a full blown case of the three menopausal faces of Eve.   Woman number one is sweet and cuddly because she’s just come off a session of spontaneous combustion and is shivering from the evaporating sweat, number two cold heartedly cuts off my bewildered husband’s affectionate embrace screaming, “you’re so hot!” (he used to like it when I said that) and number three has no idea what the hellOkitty is happening here.  The southern saying “she’s a hot mess” has become my reality as I self-incinerate all day and all flipping night long.  I don’t really wake up in the morning, I just give up trying to sleep through the insanity.   

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A Cloudy Masterpiece

One of my favorite things about living on the island is the way everyone falls in cadence with the sun.  Being from the far north, I’ve lived my life fixated on sunshine (usually to the point of neurosis by mid-January), but it was always too little or too much, never something to we could consistently count on or structure our actives around.   It’s as if I lived my life surviving on months of meals comprised of a few breadcrumbs, then gluttonous belly aching feasts; now it’s three square meals a day.  

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A Whale Tale

Finishing the last page of Graham Cooke’s book “Crafted Prayers”, I quickly packed my bright orange beach bag with a bible, notebook, pen and water bottle and headed to my office (the tree on Old Airport Beach who’s shade I’ve come to rely on).  I was on a mission to listen to God.  Following Graham’s advice, I was going to ask God how to pray (scripture says Jesus and Holy Spirit intercede for us; instead of just praying out of our emotion or assumptions, we can ask Him to reveal His will in the situation and pray alongside them) for my daughter and the children of several friends; over the years I have been blessed to have compassionate people come alongside as I vulnerably shared our struggle with mental health, many of them facing similar mountains.  We’ve naturally come to connect our prayers for our children, holding up each other’s arms like Moses’s brother and friend did during a battle.  

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Sharks and Internet Dating

it’s not what you think it is!

The snorkel mask was fogging up from my barely contained hysteria and hyperventilation as we swam around the corner to the cove that serves as the fabled home to a tiger shark.  Local talk says she’s lived near our favorite snorkel spot for many years.  Earlier this month Scott met her accidentally; well, he sighted her and then booked it back to the beach before a formal meeting could occur.  

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Wag your Tail (a Lesson of Submission)

Last night our seven-month old pound puppy, Denali, aggressively snarled and hurled at Chena, our six month old Great White Pyrenees shepherd sweetie. This was the fourth random, snarling session in the last 2 months and really unnerved me.   Denali was separated from her mother and siblings too soon and put into a stressful shelter environment before coming home with us at seven weeks old.  I didn’t realize the challenge we were taking home, too caught up in her sweet puppy eyes.  All along we have struggled with her lack of boundaries and I often recognize the confusion on her face as she tries to figure what we want.  She has a hankering to be the alpha, and her howling (literally) protests to my dominance are sometimes quite entertaining.  But last night was the breaking point.  I had a surge of fear thinking about what could happen with this loose cannon of a dog.   My darling daughter sobbed huge tears as I honestly processed with her that we were going to have to get rid of Denali if she continues to be aggressive. (She has already had to give up two dogs due to our moves out of country and I HATE to put her through the pain again, but we HAVE to be a safe place).   Denali hasn’t hurt anyone- it appears to be all growl and bared teeth, but we can’t take the chance here.

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