I’m an adventure embracing, Jesus-loving Alaskan girl finishing out my forties by tackling my bucket list. I raced into adulthood graduating college and quickly snagging a dream nursing job and a husband by age twenty. I’m fortunate to journey (for twenty eight years already!) with a loving husband who balances me perfectly, and we somehow managed to acquire five kooky kids (and an amazingly sane daughter-in-love, boy did we need her!); four are launched and the last one at the precipice.  We’ve been blessed to live a joy-filled, challenging, chaotic life full of children, careers, church leadership and missions; now I’m ready to exit the freeway and explore some scenic roads at a saner pace along the way to whatever is next.  I want to think and breath and love- all a little bit deeper.  Exciting dreams are stirring in my heart for our next “grand adventure”.  For all the people pestering me to write more- I’m putting myself out there in order to prove you’re not alone in your crazy (cause I know that’s the real reason you like me!)