A Whale Tale

Finishing the last page of Graham Cooke’s book “Crafted Prayers”, I quickly packed my bright orange beach bag with a bible, notebook, pen and water bottle and headed to my office (the tree on Old Airport Beach who’s shade I’ve come to rely on).  I was on a mission to listen to God.  Following Graham’s advice, I was going to ask God how to pray (scripture says Jesus and Holy Spirit intercede for us; instead of just praying out of our emotion or assumptions, we can ask Him to reveal His will in the situation and pray alongside them) for my daughter and the children of several friends; over the years I have been blessed to have compassionate people come alongside as I vulnerably shared our struggle with mental health, many of them facing similar mountains.  We’ve naturally come to connect our prayers for our children, holding up each other’s arms like Moses’s brother and friend did during a battle.  

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