Goodnight, Charlie

  I hope I can sleep without your nightly hopscotch games on the ceiling above my bed, the baseball bat and hammer parties- all your sacrificial labors of love to create a little white noise for my slumbering pleasure.  I’m gonna miss you Charlie.  Well, maybe not really, but I do pray for you and wish you well, and I thank you for another opportunity to grow in character and compassion.   

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I’m surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and birdsong, enjoying an energetic breeze in the heat of a South African summer, soaking in peace.  This week of orientation for our Masters in Christian Formation and Discipleship program ended with a three-day retreat on a gorgeous farm that dates back to 1705.  Yesterday we woke to a day of silence (except for the blusterous flatulence someone suffered early that morning in our dorm.  I’m sorry, but I giggled throughout the day thinking that’s how we began our rather serious, spiritual experience.  I wanted to break out singing “the Sound of Silence” or “Morning has Broken”, but neither was appropriate on a silent (minus fart noises) day.  Sorry, I digress…..

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